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Vijay Varma Opens Up About Playing Lawyer Akash Oberoi in Murder Mubarak: A Break From Playing Bad Guy

Renowned for his versatile roles, Vijay Varma shared insights into his latest venture, ‘Murder Mubarak,’ during its trailer launch. Breaking away from his notorious on-screen personas, Varma steps into the shoes of Akash Oberoi, a lawyer in this mystery thriller.

Addressing the media and fans, Varma, affectionately known as Versatile Varma, emphasized the shift from his usual ‘bad guy’ roles. He teased, “It is a little bit of a break from the bad guys I have played. I would like to say that. Although it’s a mystery, I won’t reveal much.”

Diving deeper into his character, Varma tantalizingly hinted at Akash Oberoi’s intricacies, disclosing, “But Akash Oberoi is a lawyer, his heart is broken, that’s all I know. He has a love and hate relationship with this Club, and he wants to run away from it. So, this is what I can say right now…”

Varma’s portrayal of Akash Oberoi promises to be a departure from his previous roles, showcasing his ability to bring depth and authenticity to diverse characters. Recognized as a sought-after talent, the actor’s nuanced performance adds intrigue to the upcoming mystery thriller.

As ‘Murder Mubarak’ approaches its release, fans eagerly anticipate Varma’s on-screen transformation and the unraveling of mysteries surrounding his character. In addition to this, audiences can look forward to Varma playing a pilot in ‘IC814TheKhandaharHijak,’ further highlighting his versatility in the world of cinema.

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