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Ronit Roy Drops Bombshell: Confesses, “I Almost Harmed a Food Delivery Guy”

Ronit Roy, the accomplished actor, recently took to his social media platform to share a startling revelation about a near-accident involving a Swiggy delivery person. Expressing his frustration over individuals flouting traffic rules and endangering their lives by riding on the wrong side, Ronit shed light on the pressure faced by delivery professionals to ensure timely food delivery, often leading to such risky behavior.

In a direct message to Swiggy, Ronit voiced his concerns, stating, “@Swiggy I almost killed one of your riders. They definitely need instructions on riding. Riding those small electric mopeds doesn’t mean that they ride on the wrong side of the road onto oncoming traffic. But then, Do you even care for their lives or is it just business as usual?”. The food delivery company responded, assuring Ronit that necessary actions would be taken.

This incident raises pertinent questions about the safety and well-being of delivery personnel, prompting a reflection on the balance between the demands of the job and the imperative of adhering to traffic regulations. Beyond the glitz of the entertainment industry, Ronit Roy’s revelation sheds light on real-world challenges faced by those working in essential services.

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