Jewellery Worth ₹6 Lakh Stolen From Actress Neha Pendse’s Bandra Home

Jewellery Worth ₹6 Lakh Stolen From Actress Neha Pendse's Bandra Home

Popular actress Neha Pendse, known for her versatile roles in Marathi and Hindi cinema, faced an unfortunate incident. Jewelry worth Rs 6 lakh was reported stolen from her 23rd-floor apartment in Bandra West, Mumbai. The complaint was filed by their driver, Ratnesh Jha.

According to the complaint, on December 28, Pendse’s husband, Shardul Singh Bayas, discovered that his gold bracelet and diamond-encrusted ring, received as a wedding gift four years ago, were missing. The items were entrusted to their house servant, Sumit Kumar Solanki, to keep in the bedroom cupboard. Despite inquiries with the house staff, no one had information about the missing jewelry.

Solanki, responsible for various household tasks and residing on the premises, claimed to be at his aunt’s place in Colaba when contacted. Pendse’s husband couldn’t locate the jewelry, and Solanki’s delayed return raised suspicions. The Bandra police have arrested Solanki, but the stolen jewelry has yet to be recovered.