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Diya Aur Baati Hum Star Deepika Singh Recalls Shedding Tears in Makeup Room During Shoots

Deepika Singh, renowned for her role as Sandhya in “Diya Aur Baati Hum,” reflects on her journey, unveiling a lesser-known aspect of her career. As she ventures into a new show, “Mangal Lakshmi,” Deepika candidly shares moments of vulnerability during her earlier days.

In a heartfelt conversation with Siddharth Kanan, Deepika reveals her sensitivity and a relatable connection with her co-star from “Mangal Lakshmi,” Sanika. She discloses an intriguing revelation about her emotional moments in the makeup room, stating, “Kaash koi mere sar pe haath rakh deta toh shayad makeup room mein jaa ke main itna nahin royi hoti” (If only someone had placed a hand on my head, perhaps I would not have cried so much in the make-up room).

The actress delves into the reasons behind her tears, attributing them to challenges in performing certain scenes. Deepika acknowledges the pressure, confessing, “Mujhe aisa lagta tha ki kyu mujhse nahi ho raha hai, kyu main nahi kar paa rahi hun” (I used to feel that why I am not able to do it, why I am unable to perform). She shares the emotional impact of facing criticism in front of a large audience, contrasting her school days where she never experienced such challenges.

Transitioning to her upcoming role in “Mangal Lakshmi,” Deepika provides insight into the narrative. The first look reveals her character, Mangal, navigating through a market with her sister, Lakshmi. The series unfolds with humorous encounters, showcasing the complexities of Mangal’s married life. As the story unfolds, Mangal seeks a suitable match for her sister, emphasizing her desire for respect in relationships.

Deepika Singh’s candid revelations add depth to her journey, creating anticipation for her new venture in “Mangal Lakshmi.”

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