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Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek Kumar Dating Ayesha Khan? Viral Pic Leave Fans Confused

Abhishek Kumar and Ayesha Khan have become the talk of the town, stirring up a buzz online with rumors about their alleged romance. Their presence in Bigg Boss 17 added fuel to the fire, garnering attention for various reasons. Ayesha Khan made headlines by making accusations against Munawar Faruqui, while Abhishek Kumar stirred controversy with a slapgate incident.

Abhishek, known for his role in Udaariyaan, gained prominence during his Bigg Boss stint. His interactions with former girlfriend Isha Malviya, ranging from conflicts to occasional support, kept him in the limelight. Notably, he grabbed headlines for slapping Samarth Jurel in response to continuous provocations. Despite elimination, he made a comeback when Salman Khan questioned the housemates about giving him another chance.

Ultimately, Abhishek secured the position of the first runner-up on the reality show, losing out to Munawar Faruqui. Meanwhile, Ayesha Khan entered the limelight with her wildcard entry and confirmed her breakup with Nazila Sitaishi on national television.

The gossip mills are now abuzz with speculations of Abhishek and Ayesha dating post their Bigg Boss stint. Although the duo remains tight-lipped about these rumors, the speculation gained momentum after Abhishek shared a picture with Ayesha. Bigg Boss Tak further fueled the rumors by reposting the photo with a caption that read, “Rumor has it that Abhishek and Ayesha might be officially dating.”

Adding to the intrigue, both Abhishek and Ayesha are currently occupied with the shooting of a music video. As the gossip circulates, fans eagerly await any confirmation or denial regarding their alleged relationship. Meanwhile, Abhishek Kumar continues to make waves professionally, recently featuring in the music video “Sanware,” alongside Bigg Boss 17’s second runner-up, Mannara Chopra.

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