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Telangana To Shut Down All Cinema Halls For 10 Days; Know Why

Most of the theaters in Telangana couldn’t make much money from the Telugu movies except HanuMan and Tillu Square.

Sankranthi left the movie buffs excited as a lot of films was lined-up at the beginning of 2024. But, most of the theatres couldn’t make much money from any of the films except HanuMan and Tillu Square. The past few months was also very tough for the Tollywood industry. There were a couple of big budget movies with renowned actors in past few months. More petite films got very little attention because of the IPL matched and the general elections.

For this, a lot of single-screen theaters of Telengana chose to keep them close temporarily in order to avoid more loss. The theatres will remain closed for 10 days which is from 17th. They might be reopened in June after making the things better.

Some of the Tollywood old films of famous actors was re-released to earn money. Movie Buffs are expecting fir better things solns after the release of Prabhas’s Kalki2898AD, Allu Arjun’s Pushpa The Rule and many more.

Theaters have been struggling of lack of films. The owners of the theaters need help to make enough money to keep running. The Telangana State Single Theater Association haven’t yet said officially about the closing of the theaters yet.

“Love Me,” “Gangs of Godavari,” “Harom Hara,” and “Satyabhama” movies will hit the theaters on May 25th. The summer season is regarded to be a good time for the profit of the theaters. But it turned to be opposite this holiday season and the released one also didn’t gain much profit. It is still to be seen how the films perform after the release in May last week.

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