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Mrunal Thakur Proudly Defends Her Thick Thighs, Firmly Declaring ‘i Have Thick Thighs and I Own Them’

Mrunal Thakur, known for her roles in Hi Nanna and Sita Ramam, bravely recalled an incident when a director criticized her for not being “sexy.” Confused, she asked if he referred to the character or her. The director admitted not seeing her that way but later apologized after a look test.

In an interview, Mrunal highlighted the industry’s pressure to look sexy. She expressed pride in her body, stating, “I have thick thighs, and I own them. If I am comfortable, why should others be uncomfortable?”

Currently shining in the Telugu Film Industry with hits like Sita Ramam and Hi Nanna, Mrunal’s upcoming project, Family Star, features Vijay Deverakonda. Written and directed by Parasuram Petla, the film is produced by Dil Raju and boasts music by Gopi Sundar.

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