Sunny Leone Opens Chica Loca, Her First Restaurant in Noida

Actress-entrepreneur Sunny Leone is thrilled to launch Chica Loca on January 22 in collaboration with Sahil Baweja of Singing Bowls Hospitality at Gulshan One 29 in Noida. Sunny expressed her excitement, describing Chica Loca as an extension of her personality—a glamorous yet relaxed space for guests to enjoy favorite artists, cocktails, and experience her vibrant world.

Spanning 7,000 square feet, curated by Chef Vaibhav Bhargava, Chica Loca promises a culinary journey with global flavors, blending Indian, Asian, Mexican, and Italian cuisines. “Potions by Sunny Leone” adds a unique touch with cocktails inspired by her Bollywood and travel adventures.

Sunny Leone Opens Chica Loca

With a spectacular venue featuring a stage, bar, and terrace, Chica Loca offers a stunning view. Future plans include expansion to Goa, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. Join Sunny on January 22nd at Gulshan One 29 in Noida for a delightful experience of diverse flavors and her captivating spirit in the world of gastronomy and entertainment.