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Saiee M Manjrekar Shares Touching Insights on Family Values as Her Film Release Nears

Saiee M Manjrekar, the talented actress set for the release of “Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaaye,” recently shared heartfelt insights into her family and childhood. In a candid interview, she discussed her upbringing shaped by her parents’ diverse values.

“My mother, a naturopathy doctor, gave me a simple and nice upbringing, focusing on studies. She wanted me to finish my studies, which I haven’t done yet. My father is artistic, encouraging me to do what I love. I wanted to be an investment banker at one point. Family values are crucial to me,” Saiee M Manjrekar revealed.

In her upcoming film with Guru Randhawa, “Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaaye,” viewers can anticipate delightful on-screen chemistry. The lighthearted rom-com adds a personal touch to Saiee’s cinematic portfolio, and her openness about her upbringing heightens anticipation for the release.

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