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Lara Dutta Praises PM Narendra Modi’s Bravery in Addressing the Topic of “Muslim Quota” Commending His Courage: Says “Have to Stand by What You Believe in”

Actress Lara Dutta breaks her silence on politics, becoming the first Bollywood figure to respond to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent statements about Muslims during a rally in Rajasthan.

In an exclusive interview with Zoom, Lara acknowledges the necessity of standing by one’s convictions. She emphasizes the challenge of trying to please everyone, drawing parallels between the scrutiny faced by actors and the Prime Minister. Lara asserts that avoiding contentious issues to appease one side or the other is unsustainable. She commends PM Modi’s courage in speaking out, advocating for staying true to one’s beliefs.

During the rally in Rajasthan, PM Modi criticized the Congress party’s stance on Muslim rights, alleging that they prioritized Muslims over other citizens in resource allocation. He warned against the party’s potential redistribution of wealth among those with more children, labeling them as infiltrators and questioning the fairness of using taxpayers’ money to support them.

As Lara Dutta steps into the political conversation, she also focuses on her upcoming project, “Ranneeti: Balakot & Beyond.” In this series, Lara portrays a power broker, delving into the complexities of modern warfare and geopolitical dynamics. Directed by Santosh Singh, the series promises to unveil untold stories behind a significant defensive operation, shedding light on the fusion of traditional and contemporary warfare tactics.

Responding to skepticism surrounding patriotic narratives, Lara challenges viewers to consider why they apply a different standard to Indian productions compared to Hollywood films. She urges audiences to appreciate and acknowledge stories rooted in Indian history and culture without dismissing them as mere propaganda.

In her commentary, Lara Dutta adds a nuanced perspective to the ongoing political discourse while promoting her upcoming project, which aims to showcase Indian narratives with authenticity and pride.

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