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Katrina Kaif Opens Up on harsh feedback while working on a south Indian film with Venkatesh

Katrina Kaif, known for her unwavering dedication, shares insights into her early experiences, highlighting the resilience that shaped her successful journey. Despite her stature today, there was a time when she faced harsh criticisms and rejections. Reflecting on her past, Katrina reminisces about her youthful courage, acknowledging that facing similar challenges might be different now. She fondly recalls her innocence during the shooting of a South Indian film, “Malliswari,” alongside Venkatesh.

During a dance shoot, a remark over the microphone stating that she couldn’t dance did not perturb Katrina. Instead, she processed it as valuable feedback, showcasing her ability to remain unfazed by negativity. In a revealing interview on Mid-Day’s Sit Wit Hitlist, Katrina opens up about her initial struggles, recounting instances where people rejected her outright, claiming she wouldn’t succeed or make it in the industry. Despite these setbacks, Katrina emphasizes the transformative power of time. Those who initially rejected her later became collaborators. The actress attributes her success to not letting these early rejections define her or deter her spirit.

Katrina Kaif’s honesty shines through as she admits to moments of frustration where she would sit and cry. However, instead of internalizing negativity, she considered it a constructive process. According to her, the best way to deal with such information was to acknowledge it, use it as a catalyst for self-improvement, and, most importantly, to keep working hard. This resilience and positive perspective have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in Katrina Kaif’s enduring success in the film industry.

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