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Kartik Aaryan’s Uncle and Aunt Were Among the 16 Individuals Who Tragically Lost Their Lives in the Mumbai Hoarding Collapse; Actor Attends Funeral

The recent tragic incident of the Mumbai hoarding collapse, which claimed the lives of 16 individuals and left numerous others injured, has deeply saddened the city. On May 13, 2024, amidst heavy dust, rain, and wind storms in Mumbai, a 250-tonne hoarding in Ghatkopar collapsed onto a pavement, triggering a frantic rescue operation that lasted several days.

Among the victims of this catastrophe were two members of Kartik Aaryan’s family. Kartik Aaryan’s uncle, Manoj Chansoriya (60), and his wife Anita (59), were tragically among those who lost their lives in the collapse. Manoj, a retired general manager at Air Traffic Control, and Anita were unfortunate victims of the sheer weight and force of the collapsing hoarding. Reports indicate that the impact was so severe that all 16 individuals who perished likely succumbed instantly upon the hoarding’s collapse. Despite the valiant efforts of rescue teams, the bodies retrieved were in advanced stages of decomposition, a grim testament to the severity of the incident.

In response to the devastating news, Kartik Aaryan and his team have yet to issue a statement. As the rescue operation draws to a close, efforts are focused on clearing the debris left in the wake of the collapse.

The Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has confirmed that the hoarding in question was erected illegally, without their authorization. The responsibility for this unauthorized installation falls on the advertising agency, Ego Media Pvt Ltd. The owner of the agency, Bhavesh Bhinde, had been evading authorities for three days following the incident. However, he was apprehended today in Udaipur after attempting to elude capture by moving through various locations, including Lonavala, Thane, and Ahmedabad, before seeking refuge in a hotel in Udaipur under an assumed identity. Remarkably, the Udaipur police were unaware of the operation to apprehend him until his arrest at the hotel.

As investigations into the incident continue, authorities are determined to hold those responsible for the illegal hoarding accountable for their actions.

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