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Gunaah Season 1 Episode 1 & 2 Review: Is Surbhi Jyoti To Become The Begum? Know Here

Gunaah Season 1 casts actors like  actors Surbhi, Gashmeer Mahajani and Zayn Ibad Khan. The new season has set an interesting game ahead. Gunaah is a revenge drama in which one has been wronged and the other has also been wronged and in between roams love, lust and lies. Betrayal is the most instigatingpoint of the series. The main climax is at the end of the series. The story roams between a lot of bloodshed, negotiations and blurring of lines.

The first two episodes of Gunaah is about all the above mentioned emotions which dosen’t aettle down and the one and only language is the eye contact which speaks about the upcoming storyline.

The first two episodes settles down and also works in parts. The two men in the series dissect the past and present. The first two episodes helps the viewers to memorize all the important aspects of the series before the story changes its gear.

Surbhi Jyoti portrays the role of Begum and the two Baadshaahs portrayed by Gashmeer Mahajani and Zayn Ibad Khan tries to pull the attention. Darshan Pandya’s grey shades is also to steal the attention of the viewers.

The shortcomings of the show cannot be pinpointed by only watching two episodes of the series. The series has many smooth transitions.

Gunaah is based on a Turkish drama Ezel and the story retains the essence of a good revenge drama cum thriller. The episode 1 of the series showcases love and friendship and the second episode 2 transfers from loyalty to betrayal in both love and friendship. The story then takes turns as an age-old plastic surgery can be seen which helps Zayn Ibad Khan to turn into Gashmeer Mahajani to take revenge of his betrayal. Fams are excited for its upcoming episodes.

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