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12th Fail: Vikrant Massey Starrer Film Completes Silver Jubilee; Vikrant says, ‘It Felt Like a Re-Release!’

12th Fail, Vikrant Massey’s breathtaking hit has won hearts and has now achieved a new Silver Jubilee milestone to its cap.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s 12th fail continues to bask in the commercial and critical glory of the actor Vikrant Massey. The movie’s inspiring story has sparked millions of emotions and is now going on to break records and achieve feats. The movie has already completed its silver Jubilee run.

By this achievement, Vikrant had felt like a re-release. The movie has won hearts of the critics as well as the viewers. It had a incredible journey from the theaters to OTT platforms. The film is now ruling the global box office.

The movie had received immense praise and admiration and ha secured Vikrant’s place as the Star Of The Year.

Vikrant is not slowed down by the outpouring love and gratitude he received. Vikrant on the success of the movie said, “Right from childhood, I used to read the stories of the films completing Silver Jubilees. I grew up in that atmosphere, and reading these stories was a one-of-a-kind experience.”

He further added, “Now, when ’12th Fail’ made the silver jubilee run, it felt like a re-release”. He continued, “And also, the film is still screening in the cinemas as well as on the OTT platform; it felt surreal. For every actor, this is the biggest achievement. The response to the film and my performance has filled me with gratitude, and this always feels special.”

12th Fail had mintes Rs. 51.93 crore at the box office last year. The movie is helmed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. The movie is qbour the real life story of Manoj Sharma. The film is also being released in China and is reeling in approximately 20,000 screens. It has been reported that the film is doing very well China.The popularity of the movie has gone beyond numerical value.

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